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Golden Globes Spotlights: T-Bone Burnett, Trevor Morris, Henry Jackman, Mark Isham, Eugenio Derbez, Carlo Siliotto, Kirk De Micco & Chris Sanders






Globes Spotlight: Actor/Filmmaker Eugenio Derbez & Composer Carlo Siliotto Discuss 'Instructions Not Included’s 12 Year Journey

It took Derbez 12 years to finance his dream project, Instructions Not Included, which he stars in and directs. The movie became the fourth-highest grossing foreign film in history. Derbez’s composer Carlo Siliotto brought a poignant depth to the story with his score. SSN brings you our conversation with them. (SSN)

Why 2013 Didn’t Have a Breakout Foreign Hit

Usually, by now, there are at least two foreign language film hits: one that gains favor with the critics and arthouse; another that crosses over into the mainstream. The most lucrative is that rare foreign film that appeals to both casual moviegoers and discerning film fans. In 2013 there have been small waves but nothing even approaching a splash. (SSN)

Globes Spotlight: ‘Croods’ Writer/Directors Kirk De Micco & Chris Sanders on “Cavemen Pretty”, De-Evolving Characters & Fast Sloths

Croods writer/directors Kirk De Micco and Chris Sanders spoke to SSN about creating this family, the intricate world they live in, and some of the memorable creatures surrounding them. (SSN)

Globes Spotlight: Composer T-Bone Burnett on ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’, the Coens & the “Biggest Con in the History of the World”

He worked with the Coens on The Big Lebowski, Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? and The Lady Killers, and this year, he reteams with the brothers on the folk drama Inside Llewyn Davis. SSN spoke with Burnett about writing songs for the film, about the evolution of folk music and being an artist in today’s electronic age. (SSN)

Globes Spotlight: ‘Captain Phillips’ Composer Henry Jackman Talks Paul Greengrass & Crafting “Home-Spun Sonic Material”

With credits that include Turbo, Puss in Boots, G.I. Joe Retaliation, X-Men: First Class, and Kick-Ass, Captain Phillips marks a departure for Jackman into psychological thrillers. SSN sat down with the composer to discuss the challenges in scoring a realistic film and what it was like working closely with Paul Greengrass. (SSN)

Globes Spotlight: ‘42’ Composer Mark Isham on Honoring Jackie Robinson’s Legacy

SSN spoke to Mark Isham about his score for 42, the moving film about baseball player Jackie Robinson, who made history when he broke down barriers for African-American players in major league baseball. We talked with Isham about the challenges of matching music to a historical story. (SSN)

Globes Spotlight: Composer Trevor Morris on Infusing the ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ Score with Real Threat, Loss & Courage

How do you score a film that involves copious amounts of explosions and special effects and keep your music from getting drowned out? SSN turned to composer Trevor Morris to find out about his process for his work on Olympus Has Fallen. (SSN)  



Frank Darabont’s ‘Mob City’ Transports You to 1940s Los Angeles

SSN talked to director-writer Frank Darabont, some of the Mob City cast, and composer Mark Isham about what it’s like to step back in time. (SSN)

TV Castings For 12/4/13: Barbara Hershey Set For 'Once Upon A Time In Wonderland' Appearance

SSN’s weekly report on the latest castings in television across cable and broadcast. This week’s includes: Constance Zimmer, Dan Hedaya, Ryan Phillippe, Bret Michaels, and Victor Garber. (SSN)  

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