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Golden Globes Spotlights: Beau Willimon, Natasha Lyonne, Taylor Schilling, Allison Janney, Lizzy Caplan






Globes Spotlight: Exec. Producer/Writer Beau Willimon on the International Appeal of ‘House of Cards’, Binge Viewing & Power

As the Golden Globe nominations near, SSN talked to Willimon about House of Cards’ second season and why he thinks the show struck such a major chord with viewers around the world. (SSN)

Globes Spotlight: Natasha Lyonne & Taylor Schilling Talk ‘Orange Is the New Black’, the Nightmare of Being Human & Fluid Sexuality

SSN talked to Lyonne and co-star Taylor Schilling about their roles, how OITNB has impacted their lives, and why they think viewers all over the world have responded to it. (SSN)

Globes Spotlight: Allison Janney on Veering from Comedy to Drama with ‘Mom’ & ‘Masters of Sex’

SSN talked to Janney about moving back and forth between comedy and drama, and about having the best of both worlds at her current gigs. (SSN)

Globes Spotlight: ‘Masters of Sex’ Star Lizzy Caplan Schools Us About Playing A Woman Ahead of Her Time & Girl-on-Girl Crime

SSN spoke with Caplan about playing a woman considered ahead of her time, her onscreen chemistry with Michael Sheen—who plays Johnson’s research partner Dr. William Masters—and their emotionally tough, physically intimate scenes together. (SSN)

Ten Fast Facts on the Golden Globes Television Categories

Amidst the party atmosphere of Hollywood Foreign Press Association journalists and stars drinking champagne, 11 television awards will be handed out on the night of January 12 during the 71st Annual Golden Globes. SSN presents 10 fast facts.  (SSN)  



Film Development For 12/5/13: Aaron Paul Joins 'Fathers & Daughters' Cast

SSN’s weekly report on the latest new attachments and projects in film development. (SSN)    

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