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In Case You Missed It For The Week Of 11/18 -11/22/13: SSN’s Top Original Stories



SSN Awards Season Overview: Oscar Potential Contenders

2013 has been a fantastic year in film – which makes awards season all the more exciting. Starting today SSN will be bringing you exclusive awards interviews, analysis, and updates. To kick off our awards season coverage, here are our top picks for awards season. (SSN)

Who Was 1st Nominated for Supporting Actress Before Becoming a Leading Lady?

SSN takes a look at the leading ladies first recognized by the Academy for their supporting roles, and some of this year’s potential nominees who could follow in their footsteps. (SSN)

Uncovering How the Hidden Oscar ‘Dark Horses’ Land on Ballots

It happens every year: experts break down the Oscar competition and declare favorites, handicapping the various races with clinical objectivity. But predictions are an inexact science, and, inevitably, someone or something no one saw coming sneaks up and nabs a nomination. (SSN)

Spotlight: ‘Captain Phillips’ Producer Michael De Luca Talks Shooting with the Navy

Michael De Luca was nominated for Best Picture Oscars with 2011’s The Social Network and 2012’s Moneyball, and is now poised to receive his third nomination with Captain Phillips. SSN spoke with De Luca about the film, his upcoming, adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, and his transformation from a rebellious studio executive to producer and family man. (SSN)

Spotlight: ‘Gravity’ Producer David Heyman On Early Influences & Working With Alfonso Cuarón

SSN spoke to Heyman, who previously worked alongside Cuarón on Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azakban, about his early influences, what he learned from David Lean and the power of telling intimate stories “set against a wide canvas.” (SSN)

Spotlight: ‘Nebraska’ Screenwriter Bob Nelson Discusses Developing the Script with Alexander Payne

Nelson sold the screenplay for Nebraska ten years ago, and Alexander Payne quickly signed on to direct. The only hitch—Payne was preparing to shoot Sideways, so while Nelson waited, he worked regularly for the next decade. Nebraska, his first credit to be produced, finally hit theaters last week, amidst plenty of Oscar buzz for the writer and his work. (SSN)

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