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SSN Spotlights: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Chris Lilley, The Next ‘Hunger Games’: Upcoming Dystopian YA Films, Exec Shuffle, Rep Moves


Julie Delpy




Spotlight: Julia Louis-Dreyfus on ‘Enough Said’, Improv & Working With James Gandolfini

SSN spoke to Louis-Dreyfus about what drew her to the role of Eva in Enough Said, working with James Gandolfini, and her favorite scene in the film. (SSN)

Infographic: The [Not] Oscar Nominated Roles of Meryl Streep

The Academy has recognized actress Meryl Streep more than any other actor in film history with 17 nominations, even above Jack Nicholson’s twelve. Even with 17 nominations, only 37 percent of the films she’s appeared in have made it to the ballot. SSN offers a bit of insight into the films and roles of Meryl Streep that the Oscars forgot to mention. (SSN)

2014 Oscar Underdogs: Best Actress

Actresses considered long shots for Oscar gold this year are no less deserving than 2013’s more lobbied-for actresses - and  may still have a solid shot at nabbing one. SSN showcases our favorites among this year’s underdogs in the Best Actress category, from Julie Delpy to Brie Larson. (SSN)  



The Next ‘Hunger Games’: Upcoming Dystopian YA Films Angling to Dethrone the Champion

There are already a host of other projects waiting in the wings to take over the Hunger Games franchise crown. Studios, always on the lookout to capitalize on a trend, have been buying up projects all over town -which of these films based on a popular young adult novel will have the juice to usurp The Hunger Games? SSN weighs in on the trend. (SSN)

Spotlight: Chris Lilley Parodies Reality TV as ‘Ja’mie: Private School Girl’

SSN talked to Lilley about his expert characterization skills, how he inhabits numerous characters with unblinking commitment, and his ongoing relationship with HBO, the network responsible for bringing him to the attention of American TV audiences. (SSN)

Rep Moves For 11/22/13: Principato Young Entertainment, WME, UTA

SSN’s weekly summary of the entertainment industry’s major rep changes. (SSN)

Exec Shuffle For 11/22/13: Asylum Entertainment, Endemol Beyond, APA, Tribune Company

SSN’s weekly summary of the latest major corporate moves in entertainment and media. (SSN)  

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